Monday, February 2, 2009

cow can fly

"c..o..w...cow, c..a...n...can,", actor1 reads out from a hand written notebook.

"cow can fly", repeats actor2, a second grade school student.

"wait a second! cow can fly? no it cannot be", said actor1.

actor2 gives a look of an inverted exclamation mark.

actor1 confidently says, "this is wrong kanna (dear). there must be something else here as 'cow cannot fly'."

"no!! cow can fly. my teacher told me."

"cow cannot fly. you might have noted down incorrectly", kindly said actor1.

an offended actor2 objects, "no....cow can fly. my teacher told me so."

"cow does not have wings. it cannot fly. let us rub this...", said a bit less kinder actor1.

"NO....cow can fly..... my teacher told me so. do not rub it", says actor2, and grabs the rubbing hand of actor1.

"ella pa (no dear)....let us change this."

actor2, now an angry actor who is almost in tears - "don't.... rub..... my..... teacher told me", and starts crying.

actor1 continues rubbing the almost indelible pencil writing about cow's flight.

the crying actor2 presses hard on actor1's hand, and pleads, "no. my teacher will scold me, don't rub."

actor3 intervenes. "amma, leave it. let the cow fly today." the actor turns to the kid, "dei! ask your teacher tomorrow and correct it. if your teacher still says 'cow can fly', let us all go to her house and watch the cow take off."

actor2, the little-dear-incorrigible brother of mine, was relieved and was all smiles.


litterateuse said...


Could we borrow actor 3? Will save a lot of hair-pulling here.


passer by said...


madraskaapi said...

thanks your comments!

@litterateuse - believe me. both actor3 and madraskaapi are effective in such hair pulling situations. :-)

Mak said...

Dai ithu over da.... the whole plot looked like the actor 3 (was like a producer in a movie making making money from a movie) to corner some brownie points of his management skills...

Kannan said...

ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்குடா.... எங்கேயிருந்துடா எப்படி கற்பனையா கொட்ரது...

RukmaniRam said...

i wish the crow that was supposed to fly had read this..

RukmaniRam said...

unless someone wants to come upto me and say "no pa... crow cannot read" and tries to rub off the printed letters...

madraskaapi said...

@RukmaniRam - oh! crow can read and write 'ka'....but, only ka.