Saturday, August 23, 2008

maria maria

maria sharapova was here at south seaport at tennis ball's throw distance from my work place. the tennis star was here to launch a diamond studded cannon camera that is worth $10000.

got to drool at the her from a close span of 10 ft.

damn! i did not have a camera with me, and could manage couple of low resolution shots with the phone camera. i must start having a camera at my workplace.


passer by said...

of course she is a "cannon" hotshot.. but it appears she served her purpose might have a current buyer :P

catcharun said...

send this photo to rediff as well. maybe they will post this considering maria is more known than yenkates from chikakulam

AG said...

when was this? would ahve appreciated if the post had details of the event, rather than the fact you were drolling leavin us all empty mouthed :)

current said...

@arun - i am thinking of suing rediff for discriminating against south indian actors.

@ag - the event was on 28th august. next time will keep in loop for drool sessions. :-)