Monday, June 9, 2008

thunderstorm memories

the thunderstorm, here today at hoboken, for some reason brought back memories of my childhood days spent in madurai and madras. whenever there was a thunderstorm, the following things were executed with alacrity...

> scurry up to the balcony to remove clothes hung-up on ropes for drying
> get the bicycle indoors, put cover over the scooter parked out in the open
> get a torch/candle into vicinity
> remove the antenna cable from back of the tv
> unplug power chord on any recently bought electricals/electronics
> make kappals (boats) out of paper from used rough notebooks

after the prep work was done, me and my brother would wait in anticipation of a power cut. power cut implies books down, some extra time for chit-chat with friends next door.

electricity board would hardly disappoint us!


catcharun said...

the weather is quite stormy here as well and a river has sprung up in the ditch behind my home due to flooding. coincidentally i thought of the past too..its the same frigging water but the sounds and sights associated with it are so different back home

i remember shobana ravi saying idiyudan koodiya mazhai, rayalseema arigae kadalai kadakkum, kuraintha kaatrazhuththa thazhvu mandalam.. i was also an expert at kathikappal..the worst was having to wear canvas shoes to schoo on those days, cold socks suck

passer by said...

rains.. i hate drizzle now a days..the damp feeling every where..especially in this part of the world where every zephyr could chill the living hells..

back in bihar was good summer, they came to cool down the heat..guess they called it kaal baisaakh usually accomapanied by strong winds..would strip the trees of mangoes, the cows would seek shelter in our flat but the buffaloes would enjoy the rain (hence they say erumai madri mazhai la nikkade), soccer on slippery grass post rains, a hot cup of tea with some bajji, the sparse attendance at schools(which meant no classes), the was fun.

undeterred-soul said...

brings back similar memories from the state next to yours - where i was brought up..

Inigo Fernando said...

exact same thing back then for me too, except that my mom will light the candle and ask me to study. No books down. No mercy. So obviously in my routine to go to the terrace, anternna etc, i will hide the torch light and the candle :-)

Fun with Boredom said...

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