Monday, June 16, 2008

dasavatharam review-ed

a genuine effort from kollywood at something big and different.

+ kamal's multiple roles and voice modulations. the characters of fletcher - the ex-cia agent, balram naidu and boovaragan have been very well done.
+ racy screenplay. please leave your brains at home though!
+ immense effort has been put into making the sets and the visual effects.
- bad graphics.

catch the movie at a good theater so that the decently made graphics does not get degraded any further!

trivia : ten avatars - rangarajan nambi, govindrajan naicker, president bush, fletcher, japanese kung-fu master, balram naidu, avtaar singh, krishnaveni paati (grandma), vincent boovaragan, khalif ulla.


passer by said...

and how was himesh's music??

Badhri said...

The good thing though is that they did not try to have for each character, the real (vishnu) avatar's name, with the only exception of boovarahan (who like varaha ataraman) fights for the earth, but why only that one character?

Also was the Rangaraja Nambi incident real? I don't think so, though the kulothunga chola king being a shivaite fanatic was real and the fact that he tried to punish ramanujacharya for spreading vaishnavishm is real.

The part where the bullet took the cancer away from avataar singh could have been avoided.

You think Kamal has turned into a pious person, but if you observe closely, he is only trying to prove that "There is no GOD".

current said...

@shashi - songs by himesh were forgettable. the background score by devisree prasad was good.

@badhri - thank god, he did not try to correlate the characters to the avatars.

google did not reveal any nambi incident. but, yes... kulothunga was trying to get his hands on ramanujacharya.

mailprs said...

more kaapi for the chennai soul.... now that arun is off to his marriage, i was wondering where my vettiness will lead to... found it.

current said...

@mailprs - welcome new reader...

catcharun said...

how can you say that background music was good? it reminded me mostly of anniyan with all that operatic howling.