Monday, April 13, 2009

kalakal kaapi

well, it's been an year since the d'kation (decoction) extraction began!

started off with a travelogue, strolled on to a political view, threw in a few anecdotes, couple of movie reviews, so-called-poems - picking up kaapi-likers on the way, and an year is gone.

hey kaapi-drinkers - you have been my inspiration to continue my hobby. thank you all!

well again, this aandu-vizha-post (anniversary post) i like to dedicate to my soon-to-be-life-partner - kala. (the reason why march was blog deprived ;-)

here is the attempt-at-a-poem that i wrote for her on valentine's day!

a single no more on valentine,
dusted and sold rights of 'koi humdum na raha' pristine,
profit boom reports phone company on magazine,
i don't know why i wrote that line!

see everywhere my angel divine,
imagine like had caffeine-cocain combine,
making me do things asinine,
can obtain shoreline in dark mine or ravine,
when i have you, my valentine.


Mak said...

I Bet the Lyrics are far Better Than OUr TR's dialogue (Laughs)... Haaaa..

PRS said...

Good one...
so from here on we should start having tiffin-kaapi?

My favourite quotes said...

nicely written...nalla title to the blog!! i want u to write more blogs :)

Inigo Fernando said...

so the madraas kaapi goes international

passer by said...

கலகிட்டே போ

keep blogging..

deepa said...

kaapi in da davara...tumbler...
idhaan ippo suda suda seidhi... Vaazthukkal :D

Anonymous said...

Aww, congratulations! :)


madraskaapi said...

Thanks all for your wishes and praises.

shankyingill said...

AAAAhhhhh aaaaahhhh .... indha kavidhaila la dhan anni mayanginaangala!!!! ;)
"malakka padutha pasu maadu;
mount road la mazha peinja sudukaadu;"

Fun with Boredom said...

ah ah .. kavidhai kavidhai