Sunday, December 28, 2008


either i have a memory loss or ghajini is the first hindi movie to be named after a villain. probably the director named it so because the villain had a better phone - the iphone.

only if 'air voice' had a tie-up with 'iphone', aamir's post knock-out-punch life would have been much less painful and less stressful. iphone would have been his savior, and one stop shop remedy for his 'short term memory loss'.

instead of scribbling all over his body, aamir would need just one tatoo - "check iphone - password 0007."

the manager knocks on the door, and would say, "hello sir! i am your manager. please check your facebook."

also, the free cool apps would have attempted to improve aamir's memory power, and make him less impatient. games like 'labyrinth lite' would have held him to his seat at the medical college auditorium, while the movie audience could have heart-fully savored the-hot-but-cannot-act jiah khan in the 'latoo' song.

google maps would have rendered the street view of mumbai. aamir could have done better things, like dance to another number, instead of mapping out mumbai on his wall.

sanjay singhania could have gone green, and in lieu of writing those bulky diaries, he could have blogged, from his iphone, at .

hey murugadoss, had you directed iGhajini, steve jobs would have definitely bought the overseas rights, and dubbed the movie in english.

memento chritopher nolan's understand did not folks who - would have made fresh memories of 'short term memory loss', and iphone sales would have sky rocketed.


Ramanuja's Vedanta Sutra said...

funny :) iLambooo

riyaz said...

this is what aamir was missing ...

RukmaniRam said...

how wonderful. whatte post

Raghunath said...

Excellent, this is what happens when you attempt to remake a movie and forget that the world has changed since it was originally made. Good catch

catcharun said...

good re-imagination, current..but the last sentence makes no sense whatsoever. i read it twice but makes as much sense as jiah khan's changing dress color in a stage show

murugadoss was probably aware that a tatoo lasts far longer than the iphone's battery..the movie is probably long enough as it is, think how long it might have taken if sanjay had to find a socket in the middle of a fight

and reply to comments, will ya?

Yuva Shakthi said...

Yeah may be Aamir could have used Samsung (Aamir is a brand Ambassador) instead of iphone, samsung management could have been happy.

current said...

@ramanuja's vedanta sutra - your blog name also qualifies to be assigned to the variable iLamboo. thanks for your comment.

@riyaz - features of evernote seems to have been developed just for aamir. btw, welcome to the iphone crazy club.

@RukmaniRam - thanks for your comments.

@Raghunath - the catch was caught after a glass of wine followed by a banter.

@catcharun - thank you...thank you.
oh! the battery, the only weak point of a iphone. a scene can be added where Ghajini tries to make use of this point, but aamir does a comeback by turning off the wifi.
ps : i heard turning off wifi helps save battery in iphone.

@Yuva Shakthi - thanks for your comments.
see - though aamir did advertise for samsung, he did not like the model, and did not find it much useful. that is why he does not carry a phone in kalpana-A.D.

current said...

@catcharun - i forgot about your query on the last sentence. the first part of the last sentence follows the 'memento' pattern (not the design pattern, but the movie). its elementary, mr.cluenatix!

catcharun said...

where you tripped with that last sentence was that it was half memento and half normal..just like murugadoss's attempt. if that is what you intended good for you.

and i have the video, it is not complete there either. you have to mail murugadoss for it

Zen said...

Aamir's jailbreaking might have had a completely new meaning though.

Fun with Boredom said...

amazin :P

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