Friday, October 17, 2008

lunch conundrum

how much ever advancements man has made, come lunch time, he gets down to the age old act of food gathering. i don't carry lunch to work, and every day I try to resolve the conundrum - 'where do i go?'

where do i go?
the question i know,
the answer i don't,
where do i go?

where do i go?
let me first hit the road,
decide on the go,
where do i go?

where do i go?
not this one - had here just yesterday,
that place done on friday,
where do i go?

where do i go?
at last, as usual, arbitrarily choose one from the finite set,
now at the very least a place less, tomorrow when i think,
where do i go ?


passer by said...

where ever you go... don't go and sing.."what do i eat"

catcharun said...

dei..romba thangala..make an effort..

Inigo Fernando said...

I think you should install the application 'Urbanspoon' in your iPhone. Its rated in the top50 and it stands at 30. It should help you.