Thursday, April 17, 2008

new tamil new year!

if you had celebrated the tamil new year on april 13th this year, you had violated a tamil nadu government rule. confused?

the dmk government, under the leadership of mr.karunanidhi, passed a resolution recently to shift the tamil new year to january 14th to make it coincide with the farmer's festival of pongal. it is no more 'chitrai varsha pirappu', it is 'thai (thy) varsha pirappu'.

the changing governments in tamil nadu like to bring about change in the life of people. so, they change the name of the city, name of roads, name of transportation services, name of the buildings, change the changes done by the old governments, and now - the date of a festival. not sure where this is going to stop!

the political commentator cho remarked - 'i suspect that those who endorsed the government's renaming quest must all be dmk supporters. if this government can do this, it can also announce new names for all the 12 months after periyar, anna, stalin, azhagiri, kanimozhi and so on...'

the latest change has brought about confusion amongst the tamil people! they have to choose between the age old tradition of celebrating new year in april, and the government declared tamil new year. even worse, most of my friends here in the 'uzhavar sandhai' (US) were oblivious to the change.

when april 13th arrived this year, people took the side of the tradition. the tamil television channels, barring the dmk's mouthpiece (note - karunanidhi tv and not sun tv), followed suit.

it would be fun to see what happens when pongal arrives. will people celebrate tamil new year again? according to me, only good thing about the new rule is the the fall back option it has created for celebrating tamil new year.

what is the long term solution? my bet is on change. when the government changes, the new government would bring about their own list of changes. hopefully, the new year date is present on the list!


passer by said...

hmm.. each month has its own importance ..why not do it like we used to get the first bench in school.. on a rotation basis.. like year should shift around the year..

bala said...

This cho fellow unnecessarily commenting on these issues. Now will take it seriously and change the tamil months also

Fido said...

Government is getting Creative may be .. to increase productivity.. so one less holiday... and Jan 14th is already a holiday.
And.....Namba Ooru arasayilvadhi and Mama's ku one more extra day of Mamool :)
Productivity @ its best.............
Ithu Eppadi :)